Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall Tag-a-long 2016

We had a great time at the Fall Tag-a-long in Delta meeting old & new friends. The theme was apples and we had to write down everything that you could do with apples. A lady came up with over 100+ things.

Our new State Directors are Al & Linda Andrew. Congratulations! They will do a great job!

The Over The Hills Sams adopted us. Janet made pillows for everyone. What a talented lady!
Pam & Darwin won 2nd place for Bocce ball
Phil & Sharon won 1st place for Crazy golf
Diana hit a home run on Bing bag baseball. To bad the bases weren't loaded.
Jack won playing Samgo on the big T game. He said the game was T for Toll. He also won golfing with a 3 way tie for 1st place. Oh boy does he have another golf story to tell everyone. Someone should have had a video camera. It would have gone viral for sure.

Jack was asked to bless the food and Jerry said, "are you a member of the Tooele Travelers?" He said, "no, The Northern Utah Golden Spikers." So when she announced him to pray, she said that he was a member of the Tooele Travelers. I guess we are now a member of that Chapter. They probably wondered who in the heck Jack was.

Went into town to see the cool Delta car show. So many amazing and beautiful cars.

Entertainment & dancing with music by the Saw Mill River Band.
At the closing of the tag-a-long almost everyone won a prize. Thanks Pam and Darwin for doing such a great job on the donation committee.

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